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 White Rock Pre-School aims to provide the highest quality education and care for all our children. We aim to offer a welcome to each individual child and family and to provide a warm and caring environment within which all children can learn and develop as they play.


We believe children and parents are entitled to expect courtesy and prompt, careful attention to their needs and wishes. Our intention is to work in partnership with parents and the community generally and we welcome suggestions on how to improve our group at any time. Many concerns can be resolved quickly by an informal approach to the appropriate member of staff. If this does not achieve the desired result, the following procedures should be used.


How to complain


Any parent, who is uneasy about any aspect of the group's provision, should first talk over any worries and anxieties with the Pre-School manager. We would hope that this informal discussion will allay the parents concerns. The Pre-School manager will continue to meet with the parents if they wish, to ensure the concerns have been dealt with and do not reappear.


The complaints/ concerns will be recorded in the Pre-School complaints book.


If the parent feels the concern/complaint has not been resolved then the parent should put their concerns in writing or by e-mail to the Pre-School manager and committee.


If a parent makes a formal complaint in writing or by e-mail, the Pre-school committee chairperson Louise Curtis will investigate fully and provide the parents with a written account of the findings within 28 days of the receiving the complaint.


If the parent feels the concern is still unresolved and the concern is not a registration issue, then it may be necessary to bring in a mediator such as a team member from Torbay Early Years who will sit down with both parties to work out a solution.


The role of the Office for Standards in Education, Early Years Directorate (Ofsted) and the Local Safeguarding Children Board:

Parents may approach Ofsted directly at any stage of this complaints procedure. In addition, where there seems to be a possible breach of the pre school's registration requirements, it is essential to involve Ofsted as the registering and inspection body with a duty to ensure the Welfare Requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage are adhered to.

 Parents can complain to Ofsted by telephone on in writing at:

Ofsted National Business Unit, Piccadilly Gate, Store Street, Manchester M1 2WD

Tel: 0300 123 1231

If a child appears to be at risk,

§  we will follow the procedures of the Local Safeguarding Children Board.

Both the parent and our setting are informed and the Pre-school manager will work with Ofsted or the Local Safeguarding Children Board to ensure a proper investigation of the complaint, followed by appropriate action.

 We believe that most complaints are made constructively and can be sorted out at an early stage. We also believe that it is in the best interests of the Pre-school and parents that complaints should be taken seriously and dealt with fairly and in a way which respects confidentiality.