White Rock Pre-school

at Hookhills Community Centre. Let's learn & play !

 In the event of an emergency, leading to the evacuation of the Pre-School for example a fire or a bomb scare, the Pre-School will:


Use the emergency emergency whistle.

  • Instruct staff and children to line up by the door.

  • The Pre-School Manager/ Supervisor will collect the Register containing parents’/ carers’ contact details.

  • Walk the children down the path and over to the concrete area.

  • Take the Register and wait for advice from the Emergency Services.

  • Contact children’s parents/carers for children to be collected. If parents/ guardians are unable to be contacted, the Pre-School staff will care for the child until the normal collection time.


    In the event of parents/ carers being unable to collect their child due to the emergency, the Pre-School will refer to their Collection Policy.