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Policy statement


White Rock Pre-school has charitable status and is a non-profit making organisation. Fees are set by the Pre-school committee and are reviewed annually.  The committee take into account the costs of staffing, utilities such as rent, water, telephone and electricity, perishable goods and the costs of replenishing pre-school toys, paper, stationary and play equipment.




  • White Rock Pre-School offers full day or sessional care, Monday to Friday term time only, for 38 weeks of the year.  Sessions run from 9am-12pm and from 12pm-3pm.  Children can attend a single session or both sessions from 9am-3pm.

  • 3-4 year old children are entitled to 15 hours of free early years education per week for 38 weeks per year, the term after their 3rd birthday.  Any hours over the 15 hours per week, will be charged at the current session rate.

  • 30 hour funding is available in certain circumstances

    2 year old funding is also available in certain circumstances.

  • Individual invoices will be sent out at or before the beginning of each month, itemising the full cost of any non-funded sessions. The invoice must be paid by the date stated upon it. Although most people find it easier to pay monthly, if a parent would like to pay weekly or termly we can accommodate that.

  • Invoices can be paid by cash,cheque or BACS, and either given directly to the manager, or placed in a named envelope in the post-box provided.

  • If an invoice is not paid by the due date, a reminder will be given either verbally, via a telephone call, or through a reminder invoice. If payment is then not received within 7 calendar days, a new reminder invoice with immediate payment request will be distributed and committee officers will be informed. If payment is still not received the committee officers will take appropriate action.

  • If a child should miss any of their allocated non funded sessions (e.g. through holiday or sickness), the full fee will still be charged.


If a child is absent without notifying the pre-school


  • 4 weeks notice must be given if a child leaves pre-school before their expected date, and also to reduce sessions.  All due fees must be paid in full up to and including the last day of the notice.

  • If a child is absent for 1 week without explanation the pre-school will attempt to contact the parents/carer. If after 2 weeks the child has still not attended Pre-school the Pre-school committee chairperson Louise Curtis or the manager Karen Hornabrook will write on behalf of the Pre-school to the parents/carer.

  • The letter will explain that, depending on the circumstances, the Pre-school reserve the right to withdraw the child’s place 7 days from the date of the letter. Any outstanding bills must be paid including a further week for the notice required. The pre-school will take steps to recover any outstanding fees.




Funding requirements


As part of the agreement signed by parents applying for funding for their child, parents must ensure that their child attends those sessions regularly.


 If the local authority auditors see a pattern of absences e.g. three missed Thursdays in a row, they will want to see letters of absence. They have a duty to ensure that Public Monies are not misused and they have been known to reclaim funds which they suspect have been fraudulently obtained.




White Rock Pre-School will endeavour to try and help any parent/carer who is experiencing difficulty paying their bill, and the parent should speak to Karen Hornabrook (manager) or Louise Curtis (committee chair). Each case will be dealt with individually and in confidence.