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Fire Drill Procedure


Fire drills will be performed for one week each term; this allows all children and staff attending different sessions to practice the procedure.


Pre-school fire marshall – Matthew Vanes (or the manager).


In the event of a fire or on hearing the alarm, please follow the instructions below:


1.    A member of staff blows a continuous blast on the whistle.


2.    All adults and children stop all activity immediately and line up at the nearest/safest fire exit. The exits are clearly signposted and are situated at either end of the building.


3.    The fire marshall must ensure they have the pre-school register.


4.    A quick head count is done by a member of staff, then the children are escorted from the building. Adults present should be situated among the children. The last person to leave should check the toilets.


5.    The children will be taken to the square, where a visual identification and marking off on the register will take place. All staff and visitors, who have signed in, should also be accounted for.


6.    If a fire occurs in pre-school, the nearest fire alarm should be broken (this is situated inside the main door to the community centre).


7.    Under NO circumstances should anyone return to the building to tackle the fire or retrievepersonal effects.