White Rock Pre-school

at Hookhills Community Centre. Let's learn & play !

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 Policy statement

White Rock Pre-school supports the Early Years Foundation Stage principle that children learn best through carefully planned, play based experiences that start with their strengths, interests and capabilities.  We acknowledge that young children are active learners and that they need opportunities both indoors and outdoors to make sense of the world, whilst supported by knowledgeable, interested and sensitive adults.

White Rock Pre-school places the child firmly at the heart of the learning experience and demands an informed approach to supporting children’s learning and development, gained through observational assessment and genuine partnerships with parents.

White Rock Pre-school believes that well planned play, both indoors and outdoors will:


  • Nurture children’s creativity and problem solving capabilities.

  • Promote health and wellbeing, by building children’s strength and coordination.

  • Stimulate the healthy development of children’s brains.

  • Allow children to acquire competence and skills that help them feel good about themselves.

  • Provide the context in which caring adults teach children how to behave, how to treat    others, and enhance early socialisation.

  • Provide children with the opportunity to learn essential social skills: to take turns, to share and to cooperate.

  • Help children develop friendships with their peers, good interpersonal skills are essential to children’s lifelong success.

  • Produce natural opportunities for children to learn self respect and how to treat others with respect.

  • Promote a child’s development and ability to enhance their own play.

  • Allow a child to select their own learning activities, enabling them to lead their own learning.



White Rock Pre-school will ensure that all staff understand and are committed to the principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage

Staff will use observations, photographs, learning diaries and news from home, to plan play activities for each child.

Staff will meet frequently to plan play opportunities for their key children

Children will have access to outdoor play within the boundaries of the pre-school at every opportunity.