White Rock Pre-school

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White Rock Pre-School believes that a child’s pre-school experience can be enriched further by exploring the local environment and having the opportunity to take part in an organised visit.


We aim to provide all our children with the opportunity to venture outside of the immediate Pre-School building and garden, thus extending their experiences in a safe and well-organised manner.


Visits within Pre-School and grounds.

As part of a child’s registration at Pre-School, parents are asked to sign a consent form giving permission for their child to be accompanied into the park grounds opposite the Pre-School building.

Children are regularly taken into the Community Centre for rehearsals prior to the annual nativity play or other performances. On these occasions, when the whole group is taken as part of a usual session, at least 3 members of staff (usually 4) accompany the children.

At times when smaller groups are taken to the grounds, at least 2 staff members accompany them with at least 2 remaining behind with the other children. Statutory staffing levels are maintained.

Risk assessments are carried out before all such outings, and records of these kept.

Visits out of Pre-School within walking distance

Occasionally we take children out of the Pre-School grounds and walk them to another site eg. the local primary school.

We maintain a high ratio of adults to children, and if necessary extra staff, parents and volunteers are brought in to help.

Helpers are never left alone with a child (except their own). Adults are given the names of the children for which they are responsible to ensure that no child gets lost and that there is no unauthorized access to children.

Risk assessments are carried out prior to any such outings, and records kept.

Outings where parents attend and stay with their children

We sometimes invite all parents and children to join us for a visit to somewhere further afield.

On these occasions parents are responsible for transporting their own children and are responsible for them throughout the day.

If a child’s parents cannot attend, they can send a friend, child minder or relative to be responsible for their child provided that they inform us.

If a parent cannot attend and is unable to send a replacement carer, staff will take responsibility for that child only if they normally attend Pre-School for the session.

In the case of a parent who doesn’t drive and where the visit is not within walking distance, they can arrange for a lift with another parent or use public transport if appropriate. Staff MAY NOT drive the child themselves as their insurance does not permit this.

Equipment to be taken on outings:

Mobile phone


Mini First Aid pack and medications


Spare pants etc

Water and cups


List of children and adults

List of emergency contact numbers (if parents not present)

Staff visit the site prior to the trip to conduct a risk assessment and to ensure that they are familiar with the layout etc. A record of children arriving and leaving or Register is always kept.