White Rock Pre-school

at Hookhills Community Centre. Let's learn & play !

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Policy statement


White Pre-school aims to ensure that children feel safe and happy in the absence of their parents. That the children recognise other adults as a source of authority, help and friendship, and that they can share with their parents/carers the new learning experiences that they have enjoyed at pre-school.  We want parents to feel welcome and involved from the very beginning.


  • Before a child starts to attend the setting, we use a variety of ways to provide his/her parents with information. These include written information (including our prospectus, welcome pack and policies), with an opportunity for the information to be translated into a different language for parents if required and directing parents who can access the internet to our website

  • During the half-term before a child is enrolled, we provide opportunities for the child and his/her parents to visit the setting.

  • We allocate a key person to each child and his/her family; the key person welcomes and looks after the child and his/her parents at the child's first session and during the settling-in process.

  • We ensure the child's “All about me” form is completed prior to the first session the child attends.

  • When a child starts to attend, we explain the process of settling-in with his/her parents and jointly decide on the best way to help the child to settle into the setting.

  • Parents are invited to stay with their child during their first few sessions, if the parent feels it is appropriate for their child.

  • Younger children may take longer to settle in, as may children who have not previously spent time away from home. Children who have had a period of absence may also need their parent to be on hand to re-settle them.

  • We judge a child to be settled when they are familiar with where things are and is pleased to see other children and participate in activities.

  • When parents leave, we ask them to say goodbye to their child and explain that they will be coming back, and when.

  • During a child’s first session without their parent, we will telephone the parent during the session to let them know how it has gone.

  • We recognise that some children will settle more readily than others but that some children who appear to settle rapidly are not ready to be left.

  • If a child becomes very distressed during their first session without a parent present, we will telephone the parent and ask them to come back to pre-school to provide reassurance for their child, we will then discuss if a further settling in period with a parent present is required.

  • Within the first four to six weeks of starting we discuss and work with the child's parents to start to create their child's record of achievement.


    We believe that children cannot play or learn successfully if they are anxious or unhappy.  Our settling in procedures aim to help parents and children feel comfortable in our setting and to ensure that children benefit from what the group has to offer.  We want our children to feel confident that their parents will return for them at the end of the session/day.