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Lockdown policy and Procedure



White Rock Pre-school recognise the potentially serious risks to children, staff and visitors in emergency or harmful situations.


A lockdown may take place where there is a perceived risk of threat to the pre-school staff, children, visitors or property.


Where possible the pre-school staff will act to ensure the safety of all personnel in the setting in the following situations:

  • In the event that unauthorised person(s) considered dangerous are on pre-school grounds.
  • In the instances including domestic breakdowns where estranged parties are attempting to abduct children.
  • In emergency situations where there is any potential risk from chemicals.

A lockdown will be initiated by three short blows on the whistle followed by one long blow. Lockdown procedures will be practiced from time to time so staff and children are familiar with them.


Practices and procedure

Follow the CLOSE procedure

Close all windows, doors and blinds

Lock Up

Out of sight and minimise movement

Stay silent and avoid drawing any attention

Endure be aware you may be in lockdown for some time


The following steps provide guidance for staff, students and visitors in an emergency situation:

  1. On hearing the lockdown signal the pre-school manager/supervisor will call for assistance - 999.
  2. Once alarm is activated immediately advise Hookhills Community Centre of the emergency situation and the steps we have taken.
  3. Staff will lock all doors and close all blinds.


In the setting

Upon hearing the lockdown signal these steps will be followed:

  1. All children to be taken into pre-school and calmly instructed to sit quietly on the carpet. If children are playing outside one member off staff will remain outside to ensure all areas are clear.
  2. Staff to secure all windows and doors and close all blinds.
  3. Do a headcount and register immediately.
  4. Supervise, to ensure that everyone remains out of sight and sitting quietly.
  5. Manager to ring all parents advising them we are in lockdown and to not come to the setting or to call the setting and that we will advise them when it is safe to do so.
  6. Remain in lockdown until the all clear has been given and normal situation resumes.



Internal Threat Response

If the threat comes from inside

  1. The person in charge will ensure the safety of all personnel in the vicinity of the threatening situation. This may involve moving all children through into the snooker room and locking in to prevent entry.
  2. The manager or supervisor will sound the alarm and inform the emergency services.
  3. Do a headcount immediately and ensure the children stay out of sight and quiet.
  4. Remain in lockdown until the all clear message is given.


At no time will staff attempt to physically remove an unwanted visitor.


Staff will follow the directives of the police as instructed or requested