White Rock Pre-school

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Policy statement

White Rock pre-school will take steps to ensure that there are effective procedures in place to protect children from the unacceptable use of Information Communication Technology (ICT) equipment or exposure to inappropriate materials in the setting.



  • Our designated person responsible for co-ordinating action taken to protect children is:

Karen Hornabrook



Information Communication Technology (ICT) equipment

  • Only ICT equipment belonging to the setting is used by staff and children.
  • The designated person is responsible for ensuring all ICT equipment is safe and fit for purpose.
  • All computers have virus protection installed.
  • The designated person ensures that safety settings are set to ensure that inappropriate material cannot be accessed.


Internet access

  • Children do not normally have access to the internet and never have unsupervised access.
  • The designated person has overall responsibility for ensuring that children are safeguarded in relation to online safety.
  • If a second hand computer is purchased or donated to the setting, the designated person will ensure that no inappropriate material is stored on it before children use it.
  • All computers for use by children are located in an area clearly visible to staff.
  • The designated person ensures staff have access to age-appropriate resources to enable them to assist children to use the internet safely.



  • Staff are not normally permitted to use setting equipment to access personal emails.
  • Staff do not access personal or work email whilst supervising children.
  • Staff send personal information by encrypted email and always share information securely.